Welding Safety & Fire Watch (C 402)

Scheduled Classes

Class Description

This course will inform the beginner and reinforce the experienced welder in the proper safety and instruction to operate a oxygen/acetylene cutting torch and an electric arc welder for carbon steel applications. The content will cover the OSHA regulations, personal protective equipment, and portable hand held grinder safety. Each participant will learn the safe assembly and operation of the oxygen/acetylene cutting torch, and the safe setup and operation of the electric arc welder. Upon completion of the course each participant shall demonstrate the safe and proper use of the hand held grinder, oxygen and acetylene torch, and the electric arc welder, before being recommended for the next level.

Edison Training Center APPRENTICE PREREQUISITES: NO Floor layer Apprentices, 5-year Carpenter apprentice ONLY. *Floor layers Apprentices (Local 251) cannot register for this class. 

Class minimum: 5 *class may be subject to cancellation if class minimum not met.

Equipment Required

For the ALL WELDING COURSES Proper clothing, work boots, safety glasses, hard hat, and welding gloves. (No Shorts, No Sleeveless Shirts, No Flip Flops)

Members attending training must provide their own safety shoes, safety goggles, gloves, ear protection and hard hats. Failure to provide your own safety equipment may result in your being dropped from a particular training session.



Attendance Requirements

100% attendance is required for all courses. Members must attend all class dates to receive credit/hours. NO credit will be given for an incomplete course and there will be NO makeup dates. If you are unable to complete the entire course, you will have to withdraw and sign up for the next available class and complete all hours. *We ask that all members arrive on time. Late arrivals (and early departures) are disruptive to instructors and participants. Poor attendance / disruptive behavior will result in your being dropped from a particular training session.

Cancellation Policy

To maximize the effectiveness of our training sessions, we limit the number of attendees. If you are registered for a specific training and need to cancel, please take a minute and log-on to the website and withdraw from the class. Once you log-in, classes you are registered for will appear under your profile, click on the class to unregister

Failure to withdraw or notify us within 3 days of the start date of the class will result in a NO SHOW in your training history and may result in you being denied registration for future training. We reserve the right to cancel any course for which there is an insufficient number of registered attendees. Registrants may then enroll in the next available offering of the course, or cancel the registration.