LEED Exam Prep (GS12)

Class Description

This 32-hour course is designed to prepare the student for the LEED Green Associate exam. Passing this exam is a prerequisite to attaining the LEED Accredited Professional Certification. Course study guide will be provided at no cost to the member. The fifty dollar registration fee and the two hundred dollar exam fee will be reimbursed to the member upon successfully passing the LEED Green Associate Exam. To be eligible for the exam, candidates must fulfill one of the following requirements.

1- Must be, or have previously been, employed in a sustainable field of work.
2- Must be, or have been, involved in a LEED Registered Certification Project
3- Must show involvement in an education program that addresses green building principles. (The Awareness Green Building class offered by the UBC will fulfill this requirement. This class may be offered as part of or separate from the LEED Exam Prep Class.)

Equipment Required

Members attending training must provide their own safety shoes, safety goggles, gloves, ear protection and hard hats. Failure to provide your own safety equipment may result in your being dropped from a particular training session.

Attendance Requirements

100% attendance is required for all courses that issue Certificates or Qualifications. Members must attend all class dates to receive Certification/Qualification. We ask that all members arrive on time. Late arrivals (and early departures) are disruptive to instructors and participants. Poor attendance / disruptive behavior will result in your being dropped from a particular training session.

Cancellation Policy

To maximize the effectiveness of our training sessions, we limit the number of attendees. If you are registered for a specific training and need to cancel, please take a minute and log-on to the website and withdraw from the class. Once you log-in, classes you are registered for will appear under your profile, click on the class to unregister

Failure to withdraw or notify us within 3 days of the start date of the class will result in a NO SHOW in your training history and may result in you being denied registration for future training. We reserve the right to cancel any course for which there is an insufficient number of registered attendees. Registrants may then enroll in the next available offering of the course, or cancel the registration.

Scheduled Classes