Accredited Online Skill Enhancement Courses

Classes listed below are approved by the Training Center as Skill Enhancement courses. Apprentices will be credited hours for each course completed. Click on each class to register. Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation with more information on how to access the course.

IMPORTANT! – Skill Enhancement credit and hours will ONLY be given for the classes listed below. Apprentices must complete ALL 1st/2nd Year classes PRIOR to moving on to 3rd and 4th year classes.

NOTE: If you have not received an email confirmation, please check both your spam and promotions folders.

1st/2nd Year Classes (Click on the class for more information) 

SE1206.1: LMS – PROCORE Silica Exposure
SE1206.2: LMS – Powered Actuated Tools – Ramset
SE1206.3: LMS – Hilti DX Tool Operator
SE1206.4: LMS – PROCORE CE The 10 Most Critical Factors in Construction Safety
SE1206.5: LMS – Job Safety Analysis (CITF) – Click here for more info
SE1206.6: LMS – ICRA: Best Practices Awareness (CITF) – Click here for more info
SE1206.7: LMS – PROCORE CE Physical Wellbeing
SE1206.8: LMS – PROCORE CE Right Mindset
SE1206.9: LMS – PROCORE CE Prioritizing Safety
SE1206.10: LMS – Process Safety Management (PALM) – IN DEVELOPMENT
SE1206.11: LMS – PROCORE CE Lockout Tagout
SE1206.12: LMS – PROCORE CE Respiratory Protection
SE1206.13: LMS – PROCORE CE Scaffolding
SE1206.14: LMS – PROCORE CE Hazard Communication


3rd/4th Year Classes – MUST have completed all 1st/2nd Year PROCORE classes.

COMING SOON – Classes are not yet available for registration.

SE3406.1: LMS – PROCORE CE Fall Protection
SE3406.2: LMS – PROCORE CE Confined Spaces
SE3406.3: LMS – PROCORE CE Heat Hazards
SE3406.6: LMS – PROCORE CE Construction Project Management Guide
SE3406.7: LMS – PROCORE CE Construction Management Essentials: The Basics
SE3406.8: LMS – PROCORE CE The Complete Guide to Successful Project Planning
SE3406.9: LMS – PROCORE CE The Complete Guide to Successful Project Scheduling
SE3406.10: LMS – PROCORE CE Intro to Building Code Registration
SE3406.11: LMS – PROCORE CE The Complete Guide to Establishing Effective Project Controls