The NCATF Training Centers

Edison Training Center, NJ

​The Northeast Carpenters Apprenticeship Fund is committed to training the most highly-skilled and efficient work force necessary to remain competitive in today’s construction market. The training program is sponsored entirely through employer contributions based on a percentage of the negotiated hourly wage.

The NCATF believes that training and training alone will determine the degree of employability for its members. When provided with the skills, knowledge and technology required in today’s construction industry the union carpenter will remain unsurpassed in performance and superiority.

Hammonton Training Center, NJ

The NCATF operates two training centers in New Jersey, both training centers are registered with the United States Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship. Additionally, each apprentice is registered with the state’s agency and their progress is monitored by that agency throughout their training period.

The Northeast Carpenters Apprenticeship Fund Program consists of 1000 hours of school/technical training, combined with on-the-job training.  At the training center we have simulated an on-the-job environment, providing the participant with a hands-on approach to learn each of the required skills.

All skill areas are supervised by a certified instructor who is an experienced journeyman carpenter. The instructor is available to answer questions, assign projects, demonstrate proper procedures and assist the apprentices as they complete all projects. Instructors also spend a considerable amount of time with the apprentice teaching the technical aspects of the program in a classroom setting with cutting edge technology.

Hands-on training coupled with classroom instruction is the most effective way to allow our trainees to learn the new technologies and new procedures of the ever-changing construction industry.